Ecological Lifestyle

The concept of an ecological Lifestyle, starts in the base of your house construction.

Our entire philosophy revolves around the care for the environment.

Therefore, we started by building ecohouses in 2006. Inspired by the Nordic way of living, in 2016 we came back to the concept of a natural home and we added the innovative component. This is how Terra-Vis smart building systems was born. The idea behind this concept is to create a modular structure made of ecological compounds. The carbon print of the construction is reduced by choosing 80% natural materials- mainly wood- in the building process, by prefabricating part of the components and therefore reducing waste.


``The great challenge of innovation is to keep everything as clean as possible:

Our houses, our energy, our means of transportation.``

The vast experience we accumulated for 10 years with renewable energy in several countries came as a natural addition to this project, so we now use this experience for offering heating solutions and rooftop PV systems. The clean energy produced contributes to a less polluted environment but it’s also a great way of saving from the family’s budget.

Following the same line, and enthusiast users of electrical vehicles ourselves, we provide charging solutions for EVs for both industrial and home use. Combining the efficiency of design in architecture, natural materials and clean energy, TerraVis aims at offering high tech, high-quality, ecological and economical solutions.

Smart Building Systems

Simplicity, Flexibility and Mobility Allied to Nature - A smart way to build

Solar Solutions

Produce your own clean energy - Save the environment and improove your finances

EV Charging

Charge your electric car with our charging solutions. We are able to supply you the best option for your house or company


We have great respect for the environment. Our entire philosophy revolves around the care for the environment.
This is why we have designed the Terravis Home modular structure from ecological components.

We manage to reduce carbon footprint of the construction by choosing 80% natural materials (always sourced from sustainable sources), by prefabricating the structure (thus reducing waste to a minimum), by applying quality thermal insulation and installing photovoltaic panels, using the Sun energy. All of the wood panels used for the structural elements come from sustainable forestry.


We understand that people today are connected to the latest trends and technologies and appreciate smart homes, functional spaces and sustainable living. The new home buyers aren’t attracted to traditional styles; instead, they are looking for modern homes that are cost- and energy-efficient, and that can offer flexible spaces.

People want to have a say in the design of their home, they want to adjust the structure and make it their own, instead of being limited to choosing between the same 3 models offered. We are continuously replacing our phones, our cars, and our habits as our needs and lifestyle evolve.

So we thought: Why not be able to do the same thing with your home?
Why not be able to update or enlarge your house?
And what will be the easiest way to do this?


We succeeded to completely challenge and reconsider the conventional house designing process. Instead of using the classic design elements: columns, beams, massive walls, we have designed an innovative construction system revolving around the use of simple, longitudinal wood elements and connection components.

We have designed and developed all the structural elements with one goal in mind: to offer light and easy to assemble pieces that combine seamlessly and harmoniously, minimizing the on-site assembling effort.

Philosophy TERRAVIS


We have invested a considerable amount of time in architectural and elements design, research and development, materials testing and have been through countless iterations of the product in order to bring the Terravis house concept to life.

We created a unique product – A Terravis house can be easily expanded or modified by adding new modules, a house that can keep up with users’ evolving needs and definition of functional space.

It is a continuous process, and we are constantly improving our designs and adding new elements.

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